At Mar del Plata Marbella garage we are specialists in installation, repair and maintenance of Autogas LPG equipment of all brands and models.

What are the benefits? 

Save up to 45% on fuel cost: today autogas (glp) costs around 0.67.Cents / liter, half the price of gasoline and lowest of diesel. Double autonomy of the car. Two tanks that will allow to reach double the kilometers *. (Depending on the type of equipment) Engine more efficient and long lasting in time. Aids to the environment: autogas produces only 1/5 of the pollutant emissions (carcinogenic substances) of gasoline and diesel.

Which vehicles can be adapted? 

With LPG systems we can transform any gasoline vehicle to use AutoGas as fuel for both professional and private vehicles. Currently Spanish legislation allows the conversion of gasoline to LPG vehicles provided they comply with the Euro3 or later standard, ie vehicles from 2001 onwards. Vehicles from 1995 to 2001 may also meet the Euro3 standard and can be transformed, please contact us. Taller Mar del Plata Marbella can transform both direct and indirect injection vehicles from Euro3 to Euro6.